Make the most of your training time and get to the start line in the best shape possible

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If you are unsure which plan is right for you or want to discuss your training with an experienced expert, please click the link below to book a free no, pressure consultation with coach Chris! We are always on hand to discuss your plans.

Our plans cost less than £3 ($3.30) per week, less than a cup of coffee!

How can our plans help you?

Structured, Personal + Simple

All of our plans are built specifically for each level of athlete, using current evidence-based practices to maximise your training time, especially when working full-time.

Qualified and Experienced Coaches

Not only is coach Chris a Certified Traning Peaks Coach, Ironman U coach and British Triathlon level 3, but he is also a sports scientist with a master's in exercise physiology.

Full Coach Support when you need it

Our plans contain specific focuses and explanations for each session, and you also have access to coach Chris' years of experience working with athletes like you. He is always available to answer questions via email or WhatsApp.

Planning using the best training app

We use Training Peaks for all our planning, including fully customised training zones, workout reminders, and structured workouts sent straight to your training devices.

Plan Swap Guarantee

If you find your selected plan unsuitable for your fitness levels or training time, you can swap for a different plan at any time; we know life changes, and we want to make sure your plan can too!

Chris is an amazing coach.....he is so committed to this sport and has such a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of the sport. This comes out in his training plans, which are comprehensive, relevant and tailored to the athlete’s progress.

by Scott, UK

Are you unsure how to train well for a standard distance?

Have you been asking yourself the following: 


  • How much training is needed to finish? 
  • When should you be resting? 
  • What to focus on at different times in the plan?
  • Am I doing too much or not enough?


We know how it feels!

Training for a standard distance triathlon can be daunting; there is always a chance to do too much training and go too hard too soon, which can quickly derail some excellent training!

That's why we have put our plans into three easy-to-manage levels; pick the one with the most suitable amount of hours and get training the correct way from the start.

Coupled with built-in rest and recovery along with key focuses for each week of your plan, you will be able to get to the start line well-trained, ready to race and feel great!

Who is Coach Chris?

Why choose one of our training plans?

We focus on three key things.

We don't believe in shortcuts or gimmicks; we build our plans using current evidence-based methods to get you to the start line in the best shape possible. Our focus is:

1. Building your endurance

2. Building your skills

3. Maximising what training time you have


How do we build your endurance?


All of our plans include focused aerobic building sessions that push your fitness up over time to allow your body to adapt at a manageable rate.



Why do we build your skills?


You may have all the endurance in the world, but if you can't swim, bike or run efficiently, you will be wasting all of that hard-earned fitness.



How do we maximise your time?


By building our plans to include focused time-efficient sessions, we can help you gain your fitness in the smallest amount of time possible.


We use Training Peaks to build all of our plans, which allows you to have great flexibility, and the ability to personalise your training zones and get daily reminders. Which is even able to integrate your training into all major training devices (Garmin,  Apple etc.)  and training software such as Zwift, Trainer Road and Rouvy

Our plans are expertly created by our British Triathlon Level 3IRONMAN© + TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified and Sports Scientist Coach, Coach Chris, who has 20 years of coaching experience. Using well-established training practices, he ensures you are getting the best type of training for your experience.

What do you get with your plan?

Free TrainingPeaks Account

All plans include a Free Basic TrainingPeaks Account. The ability to access your plan from anywhere through the use of the TrainingPeaks mobile and desktop apps. You can also track your progress and performance with detailed charts. You can also track your weight, sleep, fatigue and stress through the app. Your workouts will auto-sync with all the most popular training apps and devices.

Auto-Syncing Structured Workouts

All plans are built with structured workouts for cycling and running. These workouts will sync with training platforms such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Rouvy, which will automatically allow you to complete them hassle-free. Along with this, they will also sync to your GPS watch or training device and prompt you all the way through your workout.

Fully Detailed Weekly focusses.

Along with all the workouts, you will get weekly coaches' advice and goals for the week ahead, giving you the advice and guidance to adjust your plan if required and make sure you get the vital workouts for the week completed. Along with this, many of our plans contain nutritional advice and race day planning too. And you also get free email coach support for the length of your plan.

We aim to help you reach your goals by ensuring you are fit, healthy and ready to go come race day. That's why we offer a plan exchange; if you feel that you need to have more or less volume or your race changes, you can always swap to a different plan free of charge.

Coach Chris

Not sure our plans are for you? Why not try before you buy?

We get it; why should you buy something from someone you've only just met? Especially someone you've found on the internet :) 

That's why we created a taster plan for you to try; click the link below to download our free 4-week taster plan, which will give you the chance to experience our plans first-hand and get some decent training too. Don't forget we are on hand for any advice or questions whilst using the plan too! Just drop us an email at, and we will get you on track with your training.

Use the code: taster123 when purchasing to reduce the cost to free!

Select Your Plan

Simply select the appropriate plan for your experience and time available from the selection below.

Beginners/Low Volume

If you are looking at your first standard distance or have limited time to train, these are the plans for you. 

Intermediate/Medium Volume

If you want to improve your standard distance finish time or have more time available, these are the plans for you. 

Advanced/High Volume

If you are looking to Smash your next race or have a large amount of time available, these are the plans for you.

Super Time Crunched Volume

If you want to train well for a standard-distance race but have really limited time, this is the plan for you! 

Need some help deciding?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you or you want to discuss your training with an experienced expert, please click the link below to book a free no, pressure consultation with coach Chris!